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Will spam kill email? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 5:06:00 PM

During December I have won millions in 5 lotteries (that I did not participate in), inherited money from a chineese general (that I am in no way related to), been asked to pick up undelivered boxes with money at an American airport (despite that I do not live in America), and gotten 10 invitations for jobs (in poorly written danish) mostly regarding picking up and delivering packages of "stuff"...

In short: there is lots of con artists trying to get stupid people to respond. Either to trick them to pay money, to trick them to give personal information (that can be used to make credit cards and purchases in your name) or to get you to participate in illegal things.

I wonder if the police gets these too - or if there is too many for them to investigate?

The annoying bit: some of them are using my email!

When you are sending an email, the email is tagged with your own email address as the sender - but this "sender information" is just as easy to fake, as it is to write a false address on a physical envelope. Most mail servers have no check or limitations at all, so they will even allow people to send mail on behalf of god@heaven if that is how your email program is set up!

So basically, you cannot trust the "sender" part of emails, and many fake emails are even sent to you with yourself as the sender!

(By the way, I can recommend always showing both the "to" and "from" lines in your email program, as emails about "you have won" to a huge list of "undisclosed recipients" is obviously so very wrong.)

The annoying bit for me (and many other people with websites) is that some of the spam'ers use our domain names as the sender, probably in the hope that our real websites will lend some credibility to their spam emails, so that they might go through the spam filters. And some is certainly using my domain name, since I got a handfull of "Undelivered mail returned to sender" emails.

Well, there is ways to identify proper emails from me - but for today I will leave this post as it is now, and then later I will continue explained the two things that prober anti-spam program could have done to automatically filter away any emails that only pretend to be from me...

Allan K. Nielsen, Kindbergs Program Udvikling
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