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Introducing a new web based service: Web Org Board - a digital organization board for displaying your organization structure and its staff members.

The org board itself is web based, so anybody in the organization can call it up and see it.

There is a simple web based interface for an administrator to assign staff members to posts - that is the whole idea of having it digital, as you don't need to mess with putting labels or signs on top of a printed board.

A computer and a couple of big HD monitors can be set up on a wall to display the org board - a special display program ensures it is always full screen, and gives the option to rotate between multiple org boards (such as one for each of several branches).

But the biggest feature come when you integrate it with your own data:

If you have an internal system or website that lists all your staff with contact information and pictures, then you can publish these to the org board (get a programmer to write a simple piece of code that calls a web service giving an updated list of staff), the person who edits the titles of the org board can then select from these published staff members.

Once you have an org board where the staff are linked to additional details, you can hover over any name to see their picture and contact information.

For the big org board display you can connect a Kinect sensor, and which will allow people to stand in front of the display and point at staff in order to see their picture - just like hovering over their name with a mouse in a browser. If you have multiple branches these can also be switched using Kinect by pointing at the button of each branch.

If your organization consist of lots of more loosely connected freelancers, then there is also a web service you can call to populate parts of the org board with lists of automatic names.

Video demonstration

Other layouts and size limitations

The shown org board is based on the 7 division standard org board that WISE companies are using, but it can in principle be adjusted to any org board layout that is based on columns of titles, grouped into varying size blocks.

But no matter how big a screen you buy, the layout is limited by the actual number of pixels on the screen, since a certain minimum number of pixels is needed for text to be readable. Current HD resolution monitors can have up to 12 columns/departments pr. screen, so if you need more than 24 columns/departments then you need more than 2 screens next to each other.

Similarly in height, if there is too many text details to write, we can either scroll the content of the column, or you need to have more screens above eachother.

So in principle you could have a setup of 2 monitors height and 3 monitors wide to display a huge org board - if you can get computer hardware to support it.

But Kinect also have a limitation in its resolution, so the bigger the area and the more packed the list of names are, the harder it will be to hover over an individual person to see him or her. So I recommend staying on the tested setup of 2 HD monitors next to eachother as in the picture above.


I am making a new domain for promoting and hosting this service, where for a small yearly fee you can have your org board hosted, and for a one time consultantcy fee I can convert your existing paper org boards to a web based layout that matches your organization.

In addition to that, for the setup on the picture you need to buy a decent/modern computer connected to 2 big HD monitors/televisions and a "Kinect for Windows" sensor. Unless you are located in Copenhagen/Denmark, I hope you have your own IT support guys that can buy and set this up (getting multiple monitors to work can be tricky).

As part of your hosting fee, I will send a special software to install on that computer for showing the org board and use the Kinect sensor. The program is not needed on other computers where you just use a normal browser for viewing and editing.

The details of all that will be published on the new domain I am making, but until then fill out the contact form if you are interested in hearing more.