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To make a CMS or not make a CMS - that is the question 

Sunday, April 24, 2011 12:14:00 PM

This website is using MojoPortal and previously I have used DotNetNuke a lot, but both systems are huge programs that take a long time to start up when the first request comes - that is the major curse of using ASP.NET on a webhotel where processes are recycled after 20 minutes without any traffic.

Also I like using Artisteer to make the overall design and typography rules, but it is not as smooth to use its templates as I would like.

Also I have started making websites for mobile phones, and have spend a great deal of time trying to figure out what works on each model...

Up until now, it was easy for everybody to just say "make an iPhone app and f... the rest", but Android is now a big player, plus there is lots of phones with Symbian, and up until a few months ago I had a Windows Phone (6.5) with Opera Mobile as browser, and while it might be excused that no websites worked properly on it, if Nokia has success with Windows Phone 7, then it will be a real big base of users that one have to consider. And I have already made one website at work that covers all those phones for entering data (hour reporting) so it is possible to cover all with one program.

I want a CMS system that is easy to program content for, that is easy to use with templates from Artisteer, and that is able to show all pages not just on PCs, but also on the majority of modern smartphones, with an alternate design that work well for that screen size.

Also, my style of coding is that I prefer the server sends the correct HTML to the client to see immediately - while I like jQuery, I don't like to use it to manipulate the output on the client side on page load, because it causes the display to jump around on (slower) computers, and of course fails totally if javascript is disabled.

So, I have started on writing "Kindbergs Mobile Adaptive" Page/Utilities/Etc. as a library for doing all the above.

So far it is just a collection of libraries, but the question is - how far should I take it?

Should I make a complete CMS system out of it?

Or should I make it as a kind of plug-in for MojoPortal?

Or should I just have it as a mini-framework for easier making custom ASP.NET web applications?

Well, that is the question!

Right now I am working on a custom ASP.NET web application, so I'll start with doing the mini-framework as part of it. If I can extract the mini-framework out of the rest of the code, I'll then publish that one first - if it lives up to my own desire for simplicity and start up speed.

Time will tell.

Allan K. Nielsen, Kindbergs Program Udvikling
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