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I got my first Microsoft Certification! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011 12:30:00 PM

It is with great pleasure that I have now received my first Microsoft Cerfication:

MCTS SQL Server 2008 Database Development


Now I am mostly an ASP.NET guy, and while I have of course used SQL for years, it was actually a hard job studying up on all the SQL Server specifics on the database side of programming.

If anybody else need to study to prepare for this examination without having studied older versions of SQL Server, then they definetly need to study several books about SQL Server 2008 - Microsoft's "self-paced training kit" book alone only covers new stuff in SQL Server 2008, and you also need knowledge about the older versions to pass the examination, so you have to study several books. I can warmly recommend using - just search for the examination number, and you will see both Microsoft's and others books on the subject.

But I succeeded and with that my employer (ProData Consult) now got one step closer to the next level in the Microsoft Partner program.

And during the process I realized how many wonderful and hidden details you might get to know when studying and preparing for an examination, so now I am planning my next step to study towards getting the ASP.NET certification for .NET 4.0 - and since I have not studied .NET formally since version 2.0, I am looking forward to all the wonderful things I am going to get to  know!

Allan K. Nielsen, Kindbergs Program Udvikling
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